Order a Reading


Call: 0900 55123 for Rose, 0800 155655 for a credit card reading


Call: 0900 55124 for Sarah, 0800 800356 for credit card reading


Call: 0900 33123 for Maria, 0800 155655 for a credit card reading


Call: 0900 55122 for Camille, 0800 155655 for a credit card reading


Call: 0900 80000 for Crystal, 0800 155655 for a credit card reading


The 0900 service is available to NZ clients only and charges appear on your phone account Eg. Spark, Vodafone etc

The 0800 toll free service is available to NZ clients who wish to have a reading that is charged to their credit or debit card within NZ. 

NZ Callers Options and how it works:

1.  To receive a reading at this moment simply pick up your phone and call one of the readers on the 0900 number from your home or mobile phone and charges for the call will appear on your phone service providers next phone account. Call costs $3.99 p/min + gst 

2.  Want to use your credit card? Phone 0800155655 or 0800800356 and have your credit card details handy. Visa or mastercard or debit card is fine. please provide a contact number and we will authorise and verify your card, then call you back within a few minutes. Your card will not be debited until after the call has ended so we know how many minutes to charge. Very easy, and we can let you know the cost after the reading so there are no surprises.

3. Prepay your reading by depositing funds directly into Destiny Unlimited bank account Kiwibank 38- 9014-0221163-00 For prepay choose either a 10 minute reading $46.00, or 20 minute reading $92.00. Don’t worry if you feel like you want to extend the reading its easy. Just have your credit card handy and after authorising your card the reading will continue.



For Overseas Clients

Phone or text +64211694745 to have Sarah call you back to book a reading or discuss your situation and whether you would like to go ahead with a reading. No obligation and a free consultation to establish how we can help you. Its so simple and we really look after you. If you are a client and have moved overseas just text your name and phone number either to the reader or to the above number, have your credit card ready and the reader will text you back when she can do the call.

Helpful hint:

If you are choosing a shorter reading time ask the reader specific rather than general questions about your life e.g. Work or when will I get a job?, relationships, how does he/she feel about me, will he/she be my life partner, is he/she having an affair or in love with someone else?, marriage, will we marry?, By doing this your reader will be able to focus immediately on what is important to you and not waste time discussing work when you want to know about a relationship etc.